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Everything about Cakes

Cakes form an integral part of any celebration. Whether it is a marriage, anniversary, birthday or almost any other happy occasion under the blue sky, it just gotta have a cake accompanying it in order for the celebration to be complete. We at CakesZone are committed to making each and every one of your happy occasions even happier and brighter by providing you with beautiful, delicious cakes that are so good, that you may even find another cause of celebration.

They are actually a global phenomenon now and our little buddies also have a huge television following, thanks to popular shows like Bake-off!

A cake is basically a baked dessert and you might just be surprised to know the fact that it is one of the oldest baked desserts still around. Initially, they were mostly bread with a couple of other ingredients thrown in, however, with the passage of time, they have evolved to become so much more, until today, we find them coming in a variety that is dazzling to behold.

Did you know that the word “Cake” is actually of Viking origin and comes from the Norse word “Kaka” ? Yup, the big, bad, seafaring folks that were known for their aggressiveness apparently had a sweet tooth that led them to create something has spread so much happiness since the ages and continue to do it to the day. The early day cakes were not much different from bread and each civilization had their own recipe for their perfect cake.

The Romans for example, had a recipe wherein the basic bread dough was enhanced with the addition of butter, eggs, and honey and other more exotic ingredients, depending upon the noble that was throwing the party. While you won’t recognize it as such in this day and age, the final sweet and cake-like baked product was what the Romans knew as a Cake.

 You probably know that the English invented Cricket. However, they were also responsible for a lot of other good stuff such as guess?.......yup, cakes. While they didn’t invent it, we can certainly thank them for beating the batter into it’s present form. However, they have not always been so and the early cakes were essentially bread. However, what went for cakes during those dark ages, were flat and round and were cooked on both sides while bread was left on one side during the whole cooking process.

Today, cakes are markedly, particularly different from their primitive ancestors. Thanks to the new microwaves and the fact that we have had a few centuries to perfect the art of cake-making, our favorite desserts are now delivered to us beautiful, ready to eat and in a box. By the way, you probably associate a cake with a box by now, after all isn’t that how they have always been delivered? Well, think again. Not so long ago, Cakes and boxes were as disconnected as say a fish and an Apple. However, the great depression of 1930, changed everything.

Cakes had a major role to play during the Great depression of 1930 as well. There was a huge need for food during those troubled times and guess who came to the rescue? An enterprising company that was looking to provide food delivery to those who needed it patented a cake-like mixture that was delivered to people in boxes. And that incidentally, was also when cakes became a mass-produced good. The chain of events that was sparked off at that time led to how we know cakes today.

Although we are usually partial to one type of cake or the other, there is a huge diversity in Cakes. In fact, it may be one of the desserts with the most available varieties. Some of the most popular categories are Chocolate cakes (Of course!), Butter cakes, Sponge cakes, Chiffon Cakes, Oil layer cakes, Flourless cakes ( Yes, there are those as well), the supremely traditional Yeast cakes and so on.

All of these cakes have their own recommendations and also have methods of preparation and ingredients peculiar to them. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of cakes and how they are prepared.

Chiffon Cakes

A rather less known cake, the Chiffon cake is basically spongy in nature and come with a sprinkling of vegetable oil, that adds moistness to them and makes them almost melt in your mouth.They aren’t particularly used for the cake-cutting ceremony but are more likely to be served in saucers at parties and get-togethers.

Butter Cakes

Unless you are a hermit who has been living in a cave for the past century or so, there is a very strong chance that you have crossed paths with the butter cake. The main ingredients in Butter cakes are creamed butter, sugar, Flour and eggs, which together give it an indelible taste and richness that is delightful on the palate. The butter used in making these cakes may be creamed or un-creamed, depending upon the preferences of the person actually ordering them.

Chocolate Cakes

Who doesn’t love a good chocolate cake? Widely invited at parties and weddings, the chocolate cakes forms an essential part of the guests list at many celebrations.These cakes are basically derived from other cake varieties that have add a generous amount of cocoa or chocolate added to them for that rich, sweet taste we love so well.

Butter cakes, sponge cakes, and many other assorted types of cakes can be converted to their chocolaty form, thanks to a generous flavoring of melted chocolate or cocoa.

Baked Flourless Cakes

Flavored by many over their traditional counterparts, the baked flourless cakes are known for their texture and flavor. As the name implies, they have very little flour added which has led to many debating over their very presence in the category of cakes. However, with varieties such as cheesecakes, they have managed to maintain their presence in the category. 

Special Occasion Cakes

Cakes can also be classified on the basis of the occasion they are being parceled off to. The taste, ingredients used and even the shape of the cake can all be drastically affected and altered by the occasion they are being parcelled off to. Let’s take a look at the different classification of cakes based upon their category and how the occasion affects the cake.

Birthday Cakes

Birthdays are wonderful. After all, if the day when someone first entered the world isn’t cause for a rousing celebration with friends family and of course cakes, what is? Whether it is your first birthday or the 50th, the event is marked by a cake cutting ceremony. There is a high probability that you, our dear reader, have cut your fair share of cakes yourself.

Wedding Cakes

Weddings are huge occasions. The bonding of two souls in a relationship of mutual love and respect is a wonderful thing. As such, how can the occasion be completed without a Cake? While many cultures involve cake cutting as a traditional part of the ceremony there are also some that don’t. However, with an intermingling of cultures, the latter can be seen adapting to the happy tradition of cake-cutting at a rapid pace.

Wedding cakes come in all sizes and shape and there is one cake in particular, that depicts a bride and groom dancing together, that is a particular favorite of bakers making a cake for a wedding. Also, if you would believe it, there is a particular type of cake called the Lancashire Courting Cake that has traditionally been baked by the better half of a union in certain parts of the world.

Halloween Cakes

The festival of ghosts and spirits also can’t resist the allure of a big, fat, tasty cake on the table. You an apt to find cakes shaped like bats, pumpkins and other scary stuff o the day when it arrives. 

Thanksgiving Cakes

Thanksgiving, the festival of joy and peace, when it’s time to hang out boots and rest and relax with our friends on the third Thursday. While the turkey forms an indispensable part of the feast, cakes are also right there near the center of the table, cheering up the atmosphere with their aroma and sight.

Anniversary Cakes

There is a long time tradition of sending flowers to your beloved on the anniversary of your big day. However, the list of traditional items sent on that very special day has now expanded to included cakes as well. A well-baked cake, perhaps in the shape of a red heart, is just the thing to get your better half happy and feel cherished.

Anniversary cakes are typically made in heart shape and are readily available. If there are certain special effects that you would like to be added to your cake to make it even more special, that can be easily arranged as well.

Cup Cakes

It is not vital for cakes to accompany a celebration. After all, what if you just wanted to savor the delightful thing without having to wait for a celebration that may be months later. In these situations cupcakes come to the rescue.

Modeled after the original cakes, these small buddies are usually chocolate flavored and available in a dozen or even singly.

We have discussed the varieties of the cakes based on their flavor and occasion. Now we come to the next part, which is the classification of cakes based upon their shape. They may come in a variety of shapes such as Bundt, Rectangular sheet, Conical, Cake balls and even Swiss Roll shaped.

Cake flour forms an extremely important part of the whole cake preparation process. They can vary from  fine-textured to those with a high starch-to-gluten ratio. The latter is manufactured from a fine-textured, soft, low-protein wheat.

While at first glance, the importance of flour may escape your notice, it is actually the most important ingredient of all, considering that It is the basic material which forms the base of the batter. You may consider using the all-purpose flour for manufacturing cakes however, that will result in a significant difference. 

The proper cake flour when used, leads to cakes that are lighter have a less dense texture.. Meanwhile, you can do it yourself by replacing some of the all-purpose flour with cornstarch. However, there are actually some recipes that allow or even insist upon all-purpose flour. While we won’t elaborate upon it as this point, we will say that the all-purpose can be deployed when you require a firmer or denser cake texture.

However, you should ensure that the temperature while cooking the dish is just right. Neither should it be baked at a temperature that is too low nor should the temperature be too hot. Which is another reason why it's very wise to let experts such as ourselves, do all the hard work while you sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Cake decoration is an art that begin in the 17th century Europe and finally gained widespead recognition across the globe. Today, cake manufacturing is invariably accompanied by decoration. Today, decoration is invariably accompanied by the use of high-tech gadgetery including temperature-controlled ovens. There is icing, there are colors and a lot more things that make today’s cakes a sight worth seeing, 

With the advent of temperature control technologies in form of ovens and other machines, decoration of cakes received an even greater recognition. The cakes of today are as different from the cakes of yesterday as swords of old are from nuclear missiles. Today, they come in different shapes and sizes, can take upon any color from the rainbow -- and many others besides -- and have delicious and mouthwatering fillings that are a treat for the eyes as well as the palate.

Decorating the Cakes has a whole bunch of advantages for the bakers as well, which is why they lay increasing emphasis on the same despite the extra burden. They can charge more for a cake which is visually beautiful as well as tasty and to be honest, some times the looks of a cake are the determining factor in our purchase since ofcourse we can not taste every cake we come across. 

Today, Decorated cakes form an integral part of most of our celebrations including weddings, anniversaries, birthdaysand other special occasions. Cakes decorated with fondant are the newest trend in the field and various TV shows such as Bake Off! Have emphasized this new trend in earnest. In case you are thinking of DIY, we would recommend a cake turntable, a spatula and several other utensils that can be purchased at a competent baker’s recommendation as the essentials for the job.

You have probably heard of the expression, to put the icing on the cake. Also called as frosting,icing is actually a sweet and creamy material that is manufactured with the aid of sugar and milk.You can also use water but most bakers prefer to use milk that has been enriched with some other additional ingredients such as butter, egg whites etc. The icing, which is of course edible, is used for the decoration of all sorts of baked goods that can include but are not limited to cakes. It as another form where in it is deployed in mass between the different layers of cake so that it’s taste is more prominent. In this condition it is referred to as filling rather than icing.

You can also use water but most bakers prefer to use milk that has been enriched with some other additional ingredients such as butter, egg whites etc. The icing, which is, of course, edible, is used for the decoration of all sorts of baked goods that can include but are not limited to cakes. It as another form wherein it is deployed in mass between the different layers of cake so that it’s taste is more prominent. In this condition, it is referred to as filling rather than icing.

The best thing about icing and its use for decoration is that it can be formed into a variety of interesting shapes such as flower,birds or almost anything else depending upon the baker’s creativity, using nothing but a pastry bag. These decorations are all too common and you have probably have had a fair share on your own birthday cakes. Icing can also come in a wide variety of colours to add spice to the visual effect of your cake and food coloring is usually added to icing mixtures in the initial stages of preparations to achieve a particular color.

If you want to prepare some icing of your own, here is a extremely quick and easy to prepare recipe of your own. Simply add some powdered sugar and water until you receive the texture and density you desire. You can also replace the water by other similar substances such as lemon juices to obtain a markedly different flavor and texture. If you want to go more complicated though, you can also create them by beating fat into powdered sugar, leading to the creation of buttercream. This can be done by simply melting fat and sugar together. 

You can also use the likes of egg whites and glycerin as ingredients to create interesting icing combinations of your own. Icing can also be made from combinations of sugar and cream cheese or sour cream, and as we said earlier, there is literally no limit to what you can do. In case you are thinking about applying icing, you can use a knife or spatula to do the same, or you can pour it in a cloth that has a small hole at one end and use it to create beautiful designs of your own.

Fondant is one of the most popular and currently trending types of icings. It is also refered to as  sugar paste or ready roll icing. The significance of Fondant lies in the fact that it is available in a wide variety of colors and is extremely soft and easy to handle.Bakers and decorators usually deploy this form of Fondant and create beautiful things that sometimes look more like works of arts rather than cakes. In fact, now a days therre are professional classes that teach you to be a decorator using a fondant or the various other methods available at your disposal.

“Happy Birthday Dear Joe”. “Happy Birthday to my Dearest wife”. Writings of this sort have become all to common today and we see cakes everywhere sporting a message that can range from a simple wish to puns, humor and even short stories. The writing on the cake forms an important part of tradition and has acquired a fixed place in the cake culture.

Writing on a cake requires both delicacy and precision and several essential tools. Bakers usually do this by filling a pastry bag with a fine tip with some melted chocolate, piping gel or frosting. Refillable plastic bags can also be used for the same purpose. From here on, its a simple matter of moving the hand to create the message on the cake. However, it requires great precision as you can’t really wipe the message off and start over.

Bakers and decorators suggest starting off with the sealed plastic bag or pastry bag and then using a toothpick to ensure that the edges of the writing are well within their lines. Also, it is suggested that novices practice the writing first on a wafer to ensure that they do it right when it comes to the actual job.

The success gained by cakes is really quite unpreceedented and it is one of the largest industries of food in the world. There is a very popular culture around it as well and apart from forming a part of pur celebrations cakes also have their own TV shows. For instance, the Ace of Cakes was an extremely popular American reality television that focused on the daily operations of Duff Goldman's custom cake shop, Charm City Cakes, in Baltimore, Maryland.

The show gained popularity due to the fact that it brought the challenges faced by bakers in creating their masterpieces to the fore and set up cake manufacturing and decorating as an art in its own right. There are plenty of other shows about the subject as well and cakes, the beautiful, delicious cakes continue to rise in popularity while brightening up our celebrations.

Well, one may assume that to be quite an obvious question. We cut cakes on birthdays because birthdays are meant to be celebrated! A birthday is only half done without cutting cakes. Away from your mom's warmth, birthdays at workplaces and hostels are often dreaded. But all that your friends need to do to bring a smile on your face is to bring you a cake with your nameplate and tiny candles placed on it to perfection. Research says that cake cutting was a tradition begun in the ancient Greece where people prepared honey cakes and bread to celebrate birthdays of people, cities and members of the imperial family. Candles were blown because it was believed that it carried good thoughts from the person to the God. There on, it has been celebrated as a tradition around the world. Blowing candles, cutting the cake, smashing cream on your friend's face are all customary to birthday celebrations (there are no birthday bumps without birthday cakes!) Birthday celebrations would be quite insipid without all these!

The web is filled with myriad of portals that promises you with world class quality and tongue biting flavours. But having established our own niche in the cities of Hyderabad and Bangalore, where else can you look out on the web for tasty and yummy cakes other than Cakes Zone? On the verge of expanding to many other major cities in India, Cakes Zone is known for its excellent and timely delivery of cakes around the two metropolis. People addicted to the scrumptious cake zone cakes swear never to taste any other!

Ordering cake at Cakes zone is a child's play. All you have to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Create your account, by selecting our ‘Log in’ button.
  2. Fill in your required details correctly and then press 'Register Now'.
  3. This will get you logged in. Select your desired cake from our catalogue and add it to your Cart. Remember the prices will be specified for per half kg cakes.
  4. In case you need a cake weighing more than that or you want to change the size of your cake, you can filter all your order specifications at our order' menu on the left side of our catalogue.
  5. We also take custom-built orders; you can get your cake customised with regard to its ingredients and appearance, with the help of 'Contact Us' option, at the bottom of our catalogue. Because we don't want our cakes to be about us, we try to prepare them for you.
  6. Then, to place your order press the 'Order Now' button, proceed to Payment Gateway or choose Cash on Delivery (COD). And you're done.

Life for vegans has become a lot more easy with a large number of food joints offering you homely vegetarian foods. But vegans still have to crunch during birthdays when the non-vegans treat themselves to fluffy cakes. A lot of cake outlets do not give you an option of eggless cake, but that does not mean that all bakeries and cake joints resort to the same. You can now order an eggless cake online from cakeszone.com at any time of the day. No running around at peak hours finding the bakery, no tantrums whatsoever, just log on to cakeszone.com and order the eggless cake you want. Eggless cakes at CakesZone are as fluffy as the normal ones and does not compromise a bit on its succulent crunches.

Eggless cakes at CakesZone do not want you to compromise on your favourite flavours. We have an equally wide range of options for eggless cakes ranging from chocolate to vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, blueberries, black forest and much more.  Our eggless cakes are so soft and creamy that they melt in your mouth. We have toppings of your choice whether nuts or fruits or cream that makes you smack your lips for more.  We have cakes without toppings specially made to suit the taste of people who prefer the classic range. You also need not pay a lump sum amount to satisfy your taste buds at CakesZone. We charge only an additional of 50 rupees for the eggless varieties.       

Cake zone has a set of skilled staff who are ready to lash out words on your cakes for your every special occasion. You have ideas and we give you extravagant customised cakes.

Some cool sayings we suggest for your cakes are:

Funny sayings:

  • Welcome to the 20's club!
  • David loses his youth!
  • Happy birthday, shalalalaaa...
  • Do not worry, won’t tell that you are [Age]
  • You are never too old for this
  • RIP Youth
  • Older than Dirt
  • The Best is YET to come
  • The vintage era begins!

Romantic whispers:

  • You are sweeter than frosting
  • 50 and still awesome
  • 30 & a lot more to celebrate
  • 60 years and still getting better
  • So glad you were born
  • For my favourite person
  • The list is indeed a long one!

Everybody looks out for the best during this extra special moment of their lives. Then why have a compromise on cakes?  Almost every faith or religion marks the auspicious ceremony by cutting a cake. Cake cutting on weddings was a western tradition which later on got itself adapted to almost all parts of the world with an intermingling of cultures.

Wedding cakes come in all sizes and shape and there is one cake in particular, that depicts a bride and groom dancing together, that is a particular favourite of bakers making a cake for a wedding. Stack tired cakes are popular around the world and is an evergreen choice by the young couples. Also, there is a particular type of cake called the Lancashire Courting Cake that has traditionally been baked by the better half of a union in certain parts of the world.

Some of the latest trends in wedding cake making includes:

The traditional white wedding cakes:

This is an evergreen choice that never fades out! It has a massive decoration on the top and icing varieties such as butter cream, almond, strawberry or vanilla. Frosted cakes are more popular among the typical cream lovers! Different flavors of filling can be added between layers. Chocolate, carrot, Italian Rum and Italian Cream are also popular choices. Frosting can be a classic smooth surface or combined with drizzle, swirls, or chips

Stack cake:

This consists of layers of tiers which could be of different flavors, positioned directly on top of the last. The traditional stack wedding cake is similar to the tiered cake. Often they are filled with flowers or columns to add visual impact and height. Separators can include jewels, shells, flowers and the like or can be completely separated by using traditional chrome stands.


They are the ones that are on a roll. It is a creative form of frosting style that is rolled out and draped over tiers. Its smooth, firm sugar icing is often embellished with appliqués, gum-paste flowers, or royal-icing details. Fondants are in huge demand as it satisfies the appetite of every cream lover with ultra-sweet and icy frosting, as sweet as the relation every new couple is blessed to be in!

Modern adaptations of the traditional varieties:

Wedding cakes with toppers:

They were a variety which began in the US in the late 60's. Models or art pieces that sit atop the cake. The most common type of cake topper features a representation of a bride and groom in wedding attire. Wedding toppers today are often figures that indicate shared hobbies or other passions, if they are used at all. Some are humorous, or may represent the couple's hobby or occupation. Some couples use a piece of art which will be displayed in their home later, such as a statuette or Christmas ornament. Some couples skip the topper altogether or decorate the top tier with flowers.

Do not be in an oblivion with all these names buzzing around your ears. For your most special moment in life, Cakeszone is waiting with its red hot ovens and super dedicated staff to make your moment extra special. All you have to do is log into the website, mark your specifications and hit 'Order'!  Cakes would be at your doorstep in light speed!

Why go for the second best when the best is already out here. Cake zone provides you quality services at your doorsteps. Cakes are the ultimate accompaniment for any gift. Whether you are sending a bouquet of roses to your beloved or a token of gift to your employee, cakes are an addictive additives. While there are a whole bunch of services offering quick and easy cake delivery in the west, it remains a far-fetched dream in most parts of our country.

Cakeszone was formed with the aim of putting a smile on each ones' face, especially on their special occasions. Our cake delivery services are the best, the fastest and our cakes are the crunchiest ones across all the two metropolis, and that is not something we say but something that the two cities are now talking about. Testimonials and praises are finding way from all corners because we are not shy to take that extra mile with you to make your special moments a complete bliss.

Be it anniversary, wedding, or birthdays now you can order the cake and get same day deliver or even midnight deliveries. No more late deliveries, no more ordering cakes days before. CakesZone gets you fresh baked cakes on the same day they are ordered. A late planned birthday celebration of your friend is no more going to make you look clumsy with Cakeszone at your doorstep.

You can sit back and enjoy and have a gala time with your friends as you would have hassle free birthday celebrations. No more panicking about birthday parties being ruined because you forget your best friend's birthday or the delivery boy ruined the entire plan. Simple and easy to order, you can get cakes without having to put a foot out of your house.

We also have a special cake for all types of occasions. Our aim is to make your special day extra special. We offer many varieties of finger licking flavours for every special occasion. You can choose to order one, two or more. There is no restriction on the number of cakes you can order. The only motive is to make your day with our delicious cakes. Also, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. We have several types of chocolate cakes like dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate truffle, chocolate coconut, chocolate coffee, black forest and our most sought after white forest varieties. In fruity cake options, we have the delicious and most loved mango cakes, blueberry cakes, kiwi, mixed fruit, pineapple and much more. Our fresh creamy topic is loved by all. For people who don’t prefer toppings, we have cakes without toppings too.

Gift your maiden love a bouquet of roses, the love it spreads is priceless. Flowers spread an unknown magic that bring hearts and souls together.  Cakeszone also have an array of fragrant and beautifully customised flower arrangements and bouquets to surprise your beloved even at the wee hours of night. We take that extra mile of making your life a special and cosy one. 

So why not cakeszone, uhh??

You can order from cakeszone, and get an online midnight cake delivery any time between 11 pm to 12 am. Cakeszone gives you every liberty to customise your cakes, to make it a unique for the people you love. You can choose your flavour, your favourite toppings, your specified shape, name and ultra-cool cake sayings! Cakeszone makes sure that you get all your valued time to be spent with your friends or beloved as you'll get cakes delivered right at your doorstep even at the wee hours of night!

A significant number of cake and bakery shops are closed after the usual working hours as no staff likes to run around at mid nights to deliver cakes. But CakesZone continues our services till 12 in the night because we value celebrating relations that bring meaning to life. Our dedicated staff finds happiness in bringing smile to exhausted faces even at midnight with our super-fast delivery system and ultra-succulent hot cakes.

When the whole world slumbers into a good night's sleep, we choose to work because we take every extra mile to be a part of your every special occasion, no matter when or where! Cakeszone feels happy and blessed for being able to a part of your every special moment and spreading smiles and ear long grins around.

occasion in their customer’s life.

How CakesZone Helps you fulfill your "creamiest" and "tastiest" fantasies?

Cakes are the ultimate accompaniment for any gift. Whether you are sending a bouquet of roses to your beloved or an anniversary gift to your parents, Cakes are something that enhances and increase the value of your gift. While there are a whole bunch of services offering quick and easy cake delivery in the west, India has a lot of catching up to do in the segment.

CakesZone was formed with the aim of spreading happiness all around, literally. Our cake delivery services are the best, the fastest and our cakes are the most succulent ones across all the cities we operate in, and that is not something we say but comes straight from the customer's mouth. We are never shy of going that extra mile for the customer and all you need to do is ask us.

We are currently operating in Bangalore and Hyderabad and are on the verge of expanding all over the country. While folks from Bangalore and Hyderabad swear by us as the best cake deliverers in business, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Noida and Chandigarh is where we are planning to land in the very near future.

So what are you waiting for? Our ovens are hot and our delivery guys are just itching to bring a smile to the face of that special someone you love. Celebrate a special occasion or make a mundane day out of the life of a friend, relative or someone else special by sending them a beautiful, scrumptious cake.