Black Currant

Black Currant

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    5/5 stars

I was returning from the USA after 3 long years and really wanted to make it special for my mom. She had no clue that I am returning back, so to make it more special I ordered a black current cake from CakesZone which is her favourite. I asked the delivery boy to wait for me in front of my house as I wanted to surprise her and I am really thankful that he kept his words. Thanks a lot CakesZone for helping me execute this surprise.

    5/5 stars

I ordered a black currant cake from their selection and it was lip-smacking and delicious! The service was on-point too! Will definitely order from them again!

"Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like..."
-- Mark Twain

We all have that skinny friend who eats more than an elephant. And that friend who is ready to sell you in the black market for that last piece of cake. We/I know for a fact that that last piece of cake has destroyed many friendships. So, here we give you a chance to save your camaraderie with your chuddy buddy. We give you means to surprise that skinny friend and make him love you forever.

We give you the appetizingly beautiful, Black Currant Cake. This cake is the solution to all your problems and the celebration to all your success. These pretty, dark-purple clusters of pure love are available on wheat base also. Take a bite into this attractive looking cake covered with a sugared assortment of freshly picked currants, and filled throughout with the same.

The pleasant yet tangy taste of black currant, enhanced by the zesty, thick icing on top leaves a delicate flavor on the discerning palate. This is dish that will leave lasting impression on you, making you beg for more. Finest of the finest chef look for flaws in this wonder and have still never found any!

The piquant black currant berries are native to central and northern Europe and northern Asia where it is extensively cultivated both commercially and locally. These small black treats, which are often dried up to be put into puddings and breads, are now being recognized for the unusually sharp taste they bring to the dish. Aren't they are rightly called jujubes from heaven?

And no other dish accentuates this heavenly taste of black currants other than our delicious Black Currant cake. The super spongy base, the frothy icing and the tangy taste of the currants is like Christmas in your mouth. Now you know where to go when your best friend drops in unannounced. After all, good food tastes better with good friends. How great it would be to catch up over mushy mouthfuls of this marvel? Available in five different sizes (visit our website for more information), and eggless if you are not the 'egg-eating-vegetarian' type, this cake is affordable and won't burn a hole in your pockets. They can be easily ordered in areas around Bangalore, which include around 80+ localities. So now, you don't even have to worry of them going bad while delivery. This black currant cake will be delivered at your door, whenever you want it.

But let us warn you. Something magical will happen when you take your first bite, and you won't be able to stop yourself from ordering this cake for every small, big occasion of your home. Simple and scrumptious, kind of knobby and dimply, this rich cake is going to make you an instant hit amidst all your kin and kilt. Order this cake and get ready to be the center of attention for the rest of your life.

Pop spoonfuls of the cake into your mouth and get going. NomNom!

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Black Currant is available for delivery in all areas of Bangalore which includes around 80+ localities.

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