Black Forest Cherries

Black Forest Cherries

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Timely delivery and Nice cake? Appreciate!!! Thanks, Nagamma

Are you looking for a cake that satisfies your taste buds and looks yummy as well? Well! You are right there with the perfect cake for any celebration to make it a great memory. The Black Forest cake for years has been a perfect cake for any occasion with its great taste and combination of chocolate and buttercream. The cherries on top add to the texture and look of the cake and make you have more.

The Black forest cake we make is amongst the most ordered cakes from our customers. The texture is very fine and softness in its cake is something which cannot be missed. We give you this piece of delicacy with a combination of the best of cream and layered with chocolate in between. We give our customers a choice to select the size and eggless preference for the cake. If you love cream and chocolate this version of the cake is recommended for you. It pleases all genres and works as a total love shot for the children.

This delicacy looks great and tastes great too as it is a very common cake which is requested by our customers. The several layers of whipped cream dipped into the cake along with its sponginess come handy. When you cut the cake you see the layers it has in between and the jelled up cream that add to this cake makes you wonder how you can have just one piece of this cake. The chocolate shavings add to its appearance and make you love it all the more. The recipe which our chef’s make and the process in which they bake the cake are very different. You will not be disappointed if you place the order and would surely come back just to have another one. The whole purpose of this cake is to make you happy and be at peace. The heavenly feeling which you feel after having this cake cannot be explained in words. For this, you have to see it yourself.

If you are wondering how long does the cake remain fresh? Well, you can refrigerate this cake for a week and eat it as per your mood and wish. This recipe of our chef’s at work never goes wrong. The mix of cream with golden butter and the moisture content because of the use of chocolate flakes makes it yum malicious and an unforgettable cake. We are very sure that you will love this cake and want to have this mouthwatering cake just at it lands to your doorstep.  The base which we use is of chocolate and we add a lot of cream here and there. To make this look more appealing the added cherries make it more sumptuous and the color adds to the cake’s overall look.

This cake is one of the best cakes which we take orders for. We offer you various versions of this cake and all details can be seen on the website. You can call us or contact the website details for placing your order. We are happy to see you here.

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Black Forest Cherries is available for delivery in all areas of Bangalore which includes around 80+ localities.

Below are the specifics (sizes available, flavours, types etc.,) for this cake

  • Flavour(s): Chocolate, Black Forest
  • Sizes (in Kg): 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Categories: Regular Cakes, Birthday Cakes
  • Price Range: from  429.00  to  429.00


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