Choco Strawberry

Choco Strawberry

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I would like to thank for their excellent timely service, but they delivered a cherry cake instead of strawberry without informing me before changing it.

    5/5 stars

Couldn't find a reliable cake delivery in bangalore until this came up. Lot of cheap options & prompt delivery. Keep it up.

Time to celebrate with a Chocolate strawberry cake that doesn’t look that chocolaty and serves your purpose of beating the summer heat. Friends if you are a fruit cake lover and looking for an easy option that is not just chocolate but something that adds a punch to the cake and is loved by all. You are at the right place and looking at the best cake for the day. So if you are looking for a cake that is also different from a regular Black Forest or Vanilla, this cake is just meant for you. Better than any other flavor this Choco Strawberry flavor will rock your party or any other occasion you can think of.

Strawberries are a beautiful fruit that adds richness to any of the desserts. When you have a bite of it, you feel fresh and excited. Just like a mini celebration. Imagine how beautiful it will look when it is a combination of chocolate which is regarded as the best medicine when you need it. This cake is not very known to all but it is a distinct flavor which you can vouch for. Friends gathering, Farewell party, Surprise birthday party anything you can think of and here it is. A delicacy which is underestimated but is a real gem to share with your loved ones.

The recipe is specially made for our customers who like to try a different flavor altogether. The richness of strawberries makes the cake look lovely with its red rustic color on that dark brown base. The cream is sweet and flowing. The texture is also super soft and the slices come out naturally.

Chocolate cake is always amongst the most favorite of all and cannot go wrong. It one of the oldest cake which was prepared out of many events happening here and there. The chocolate is moist, rich and comes in layers of the cakes. The buttercream inside adds to the beauty and provides richness in all ways possible. The sponginess is to die for and the strawberries added are the best shot and one of the most beautiful toppings anyone can ask for on a chocolate cake.

We offer a large variety of chocolate cakes with strawberries etc. The cake is as seen in the picture on our website. We do not compromise on quality and deliver on time with the most affordable rates in town. If you are a vegan you can accordingly take a call and ask us not to add eggs into the cake. We respect your choices and try our best to make your day the most memorable one. In case you are looking for any change in shapes or sizes, you can add the details on our website and we will give you a call. We and our chefs try to get the best out of each order. We make our clients happy and want them to celebrate in a very special manner. We are just a click away if you want to order now.

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Choco Strawberry is available for delivery in all areas of Bangalore which includes around 80+ localities.

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