Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

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Extra ₹50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.

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I am a student in Bangalore who stays in PG. Yesterday it was my birthday and it was the first birthday without my parents. I was a bit down but at 12 a.m. someone rang the bell and it was delivery boy of CakesZone who brought the dark chocolate cake as it was ordered by my parents. It was really a special moment for me and it also came with a personal message. Thank you so much CakesZone for.

What could be fascinating than having extra creamy, chocolaty and sweetness overloaded fresh cake at your doorsteps? Another offering from our bakery shop presents Dark Chocolate exclusively designed and manufactured for our Dark chocolate lovers. No doubt, according to some people’s appetite it might just be another dessert, but for the fascinating ones who adore this piece of cake would never go off from the same. All you can endure by our Dark chocolate cake is the urge to have more and more relentlessly.

The aroma of our dark chocolate cake is so much inviting that nobody fails to get attracted by it. The fine texture, appealing toppings, and extraordinary savor soothes your taste buds like never before.

On the top notch of all the desserts we serve, Dark chocolate cake has never failed to drive our customers back to us. This sweet delight is prepared by our expert chefs in a healthy and sanitized atmosphere of our kitchens. One of the main additives being cocoa is accountable for its par tang and standards. Cocoa combined with vanilla extracts completes the sweet & bitter concoction of Dark Chocolate. This is the reason behind fulfilling one’s palate with an elegance of the delight.

How can one negotiate with his senses without trying our Dark Chocolate and experiencing the real bliss? Right from the children to the adults, everyone is a fascinating lover of dark chocolate and can’t go off with their taste. This is a perfect choice either for your personal parties or any official occasions. Either you wish to surprise the love of your life or the tiny tots playing in the courtyard of your home, they all love and fantasize the flavor and fragrance of yum Dark chocolate cake.

Believe us, you will fancy the moments cherished by you with your loved ones forever and give all the credits to this sweet delight. So, whether you are planning to have a birthday bash or a surprise party for your best friend, don’t miss to order our Dark chocolate cake and compose the surroundings with love and fragrance.

Our special serving Dark Chocolate cake is available in five different sizes to best match your needs. These cakes differ in weights and you may choose the best fit for your occasion from the options available. We provide special assistance to those who demand the extra qualities in their sweet dish. One can choose his cake’s base either normal or wheat one from the preferences. We also take care of our pure vegetarian customers by offering an eggless cake. Thus, all the amenities are in your hands and we are eagerly waiting for you to hit the “BUY NOW” button.

All such details are well mentioned on our website while you order your piece of cake. You may directly visit our bakery or just place order mentioning your requirements, and then sit back and relax. Rest of a headache is ours. Your delight will be delivered to you on your specified address before your celebration starts!

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* The cakes are recommended to be consumed within 4 hours of delivery. Consumption after four hours may alter the taste of the product, thereby affecting your experience.

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Dark Chocolate is available for delivery in all areas of Bangalore which includes around 80+ localities.

Below are the specifics (sizes available, flavours, types etc.,) for this cake

  • Flavour(s): Chocolate
  • Sizes (in Kg): 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Categories: Premium Cakes, Birthday Cakes
  • Price Range: from  529.00  to  529.00


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