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Extra ₹50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.


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    5/5 stars

I had ordered this cake on my younger sister’s birthday and it was simply indulgent. The colours were bright and lovely and Doraemon looked so real that initially she said she does not want to cut the cake for she loved Doraemon. The taste of the cake was also good with tit bits of fruits in it. The delivery was perfect and on time. I love the way they did the packing because when I received the cake it was in the best state.

    5/5 stars

I recently ordered the Doraemon cake for the birthday of my 2-year-old son and he simply loved it. The precision and the beauty of the cake were outdone by its taste. Amazing!

    3/5 stars

The cake was fairly good. However I did not like that it was a little less sweet as I have a sweet tooth. Other than this the cake was soft and fresh and was delivered on time.

Looking for an extremely delicious and admirable cake for your tiny tots? Or planning a birthday mash up for your little chunk? Don’t miss the opportunity to surprise your little buddy with the Doraemon cake!

Children love Doraemon, a famous cartoon character and fantasize to be in his world. No doubt children love to watch cartoons but will it not be great to bring one home on his special day? This Doraemon cake will leave your children astonished and it will eventually turn out to be the best birthday party ever. They will never stop admiring your deed and keep thanking you forever. Of course on their demand be ready to take another Doraemon cake soon!

Pleasuring children are the most complex thing to do. You have to yourself become a child and think accordingly. We simplify your concern with our special offering attributing Doraemon for the sake of your tiny tots. So, don’t think much and take this very cake home and surprise your birthday boy or a girl.

Like always, we never let you compromise on the standards of quality and taste. Especially, when it’s the matter of children, the cake has to be perfect! That is why we offer you the opportunity to choose an appropriate flavor according to your child’s taste. Either you choose a normal base or a wheat base, you don’t have to worry about your appetite. Also, if you desire for an eggless Doraemon cake, just make sure to mention it while placing an order. We guarantee you to match your specifications on the desired quality level.

We take the best care of hygiene and therefore all the cakes are prepared in fresh and clean kitchens and areas under the guidance of our chefs.

On the top notch of quality and flavor, Doraemon cake resembles the cartoon character Doraemon in its appearance. The cake is decorated with the flying Doraemon in the sky giving it a blue colored impression. It looks exactly like the actual Doraemon right there in your children’s television. They won’t believe their eyes to have a Doraemon wishing them on their special occasion. This cake can be taken anytime either to celebrate your little one’s birthday, result from the day or any other victory. Doraemon cake will be the perfect start of celebration for them.

Once you make your mind buy this Doraemon cake, you may look out for some addition specifications to get the perfect piece for yourself. This cake is available in four different sizes and they vary in their weights. You can opt for your cake size according to your need. All other information such as cake flavor and price are mentioned on our website while you place an order or you’ll be guided by our staff at the bakery store.

So, stop thinking so much and hit the “BUY NOW” button available on your screen and leave your address for home delivery. Your Doraemon cake will be delivered on time, exactly as per your specifications.


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* The cakes are recommended to be consumed within 4 hours of delivery. Consumption after four hours may alter the taste of the product, thereby affecting your experience.

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Doraemon is available for delivery in all areas of Bangalore which includes around 80+ localities.

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