Hearty Chocolate

Hearty Chocolate

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Extra ₹50 per Half Kg for Eggless cakes.

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Thanks !! Really loved their service. Would recommend.

Who doesn't like chocolate cakes?? While am putting this question at the same time at the back of my mind a thought occurs, is that even a question??I mean my whole being just wouldn't take it that there are people out there who dislike chocolate cakes,urgh don't get me started!!As a kid the only thing that could tempt me to attend a birthday part was a chocolate cake,as an adult there's no shying away from the fact that it's still the same.But am i the only one??isn't it true that a chocolate cake deserves not one bit less of attention than the birthday boy/girl himself/herself ?? From a birthday party to just because it's someone's birthday out there,from mom dad's anniversary party to i had a breakup and i need it,you don't really need a legitimate occasion to celebrate a chocolate cake,yes I said it! It feels like chocolate cakes has taken over every possible gesture of implying that you care,chocolate implies desire,passion,depth,density and what not.At cakeszone we know how particular are cake lovers about their chocolate cakes and boy do we not deliver just the best in market but also the best you could have ever laid your hands on!! At cakeszone we have a competition with none else but ourselves,our products are a treat to the eyes and are so delectable just because we follow a certain quality procedure to deliver the best for the best.The hearty chocolate cake is a bonus delight for the chocolate lovers,the moist fluffy baked chocolate sponge toped with dense chocolate layer and garnished with dark chocolate carvings on the side is a must have for anyone,anytime,anywhere.

The aroma of chocolate cakes goes back all the way to 1764 when Dr. James Baker first grounded cocoa beans to extract chocolate.Since then the sweet dark mystical aroma of chocolate just wont stop filling the hearts and nostrils of chocolate lovers with that deep,dense desire.It's no joke that they relate chocolate to valentine's day,isn't it the best part about valentine's day anyway?Just kidding but kid you not when i say that when a proposal is made with a dark,sensuous,thickload of a chocolate cake like we deliver at cakes zone the probability of hearing a "yes" reaches straight to the sky.

Our hearty chocolate cake comes in variant for the ones who find wheat base is the wheatier oops healthier option,while eggless cake for the ones who take their tuesdays too sincerely.Whatever is the size of your pocket we at cakeszone won't disappoint you as a customer.So bring it on cos there's no better occasion for ordering a chocolate cake than today,celebrate every single day and the idea of being with this sinful desire and you my friend won't regret a bite of it!!

The customer friendly interface of cakeszone makes ordering a cake feels like a piece of cake,decide if it's going to be an eggalicious or wheatier option and click on the 'Buy now' option,fill your adress and next thing you know is our guy holding the cake of your dreams and knocking at your door.

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* The cakes are recommended to be consumed within 4 hours of delivery. Consumption after four hours may alter the taste of the product, thereby affecting your experience.

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Hearty Chocolate is available for delivery in all areas of Bangalore which includes around 80+ localities.

Below are the specifics (sizes available, flavours, types etc.,) for this cake

  • Flavour(s): Chocolate
  • Sizes (in Kg): 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Categories: Premium Cakes, Birthday Cakes
  • Price Range: from  499.00  to  499.00

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