Mango Masti

Mango Masti

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I am a food blogger by profession. I try out different cakes and foods from various online and offline stores. This time for my birthday, I chose CakesZone and tried a Mango Masti cake. The pieces of cake really melt in your mouth and it is so full of flavour. I expected it to lack the flavour of mango just like other cake shops do but it did not. You will feel the delicate taste of mango in every bite you take. I give 5 stars to this online cake store.

You know what i like most about summers,the freedom to wear anything under the sun and mangoes.I must confess being an avid mango lover i like mangoes in every shape, size and form,anything that reminds me of the ripening dripping constant delight of happiness that mangoes are.Though the royal fruit has its origin in south east asia,it's sweet pulpy resinous smell couldn't stop it from going places,from renowned poet Kalidasa to emperor Akbar none could fathom the temptation of mango. But do you think just three months of mango season are enough to satiate the thirst of mango lovers like me and you??

Dont you worry mango people cos Cakeszone is at your rescue,cakeszone brings to you one of the most fluffilicious,sunny mango cake ever.Hard to swallow the fact right??I know the feeling,when it comes to delivering fruit based cakes most bakeries are such a disappointment,not only they make a point to leave the flavour behind also it seldom touches the bar of even a simply baked cake.While cakeszone's Mango cake is sucha delight to the eyes, it's flour, butter,baking powder,mango essence mixed in proper quantities under skilled supervision of our skilled dessert chefs,stirred to bring the fluff reach the very height of it and baked in the oven of love.

This mango delight is covered in a sheen covering of mango mousse that adds the needed texture to it and makes it utterly diggable,the vanilla wave icing around the base and the white and brown chocolate carvings on the top of it gives it the exotic picture worthy look everyone's craving these days.Our mango masti cake goes by its name,the sweet raw taste of ripened mangoes when served in form of a cake plays a symphony on the taste buds.Its like a perfect indo western mosaic of flavours,cuisines and traditions.Our tempting cake brings forth the vibrance of mango season and everything that mangoes symbolizes.Our expert dessert chefs leave no stone unturned to engulf the precise flavour of mangoes in the cake.

Our cake signifies light,vibrancy,uniqueness and what's better than sharing all of this with someone you love.Be it a birthday or anniversary our cake is sure to bring you guests querying about the unique flavour and inquiring about the secret behind the expertise involved.So next time you have a reason to celebrate you know where to find the right dessert,but I'd suggest you to order another in advance for this thing is bound to invite second serving.

Just to make ordering easy for you,we have made our interface at cakeszone customer friendly.Decide if you want to opt for a wheatier and healthier option or want us to add eggs in your cake for really few bucks,decide the size you want amd click on the 'buy now' option on the screen,fill in your address details and we will be right at your door holding the cake with a smile.Recommend our cakes to others too cos they say happiness when shared doubles.

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Mango Masti is available for delivery in all areas of Bangalore which includes around 80+ localities.

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