New Year Cakes Delivery in Bangalore

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Price shown below are based on the cake size.

Photo of Choco Truffle
449 589 24% off
US$ 7.26
Photo of Vanilla Cake
299 549 46% off
US$ 4.83
Photo of Black Forest
399 539 26% off
US$ 6.45
Photo of Red Velvet
529 649 18% off
US$ 8.55
Photo of Elegant New Year 2017
1299 1799 28% off
US$ 21
Photo of Happy New Year 2017
1199 1799 33% off
US$ 19.39
Photo of Happy New Year Photo
749 999 25% off
US$ 12.11
Photo of New Year Count Down
449 699 36% off
US$ 7.26
Photo of New Year Flowers
1199 1799 33% off
US$ 19.39
Photo of New Year Lights
1199 1799 33% off
US$ 19.39
Photo of New Year Party
1199 1799 33% off
US$ 19.39
Photo of New Year Rose Heart Step
3399 5399 37% off
US$ 54.96
Photo of New Year Silver Countdown
1199 1799 33% off
US$ 19.39
Photo of New Year Stars 2017
449 699 36% off
US$ 7.26
Photo of New Year stars Countdown
1199 1799 33% off
US$ 19.39
Photo of Shiny New Year
1199 1799 33% off
US$ 19.39
Photo of Sprinkling Stars
1199 1799 33% off
US$ 19.39

New Year celebrations need cake!

Close on the heels of Christmas comes New Year. It is the time to eat, drink and make merry. The festive mood is partial to deserts and cakes. The fun filled parties with friends and family call for cutting a cake to usher in the New Year. Not with your loved ones? Do not despair, order a cake along with meaningful message and a gift online and give them a huge surprise.

With the huge selection of fresh artisan cakes available online at Cakezone, your dilemma just got easier.

The sheer convenience of ordering a cake and accompaniments at the click of a button is unmatched. You might be pleasantly surprised at the variety and affordability of our products. We offer a sincere and efficient order delivery mechanism to keep our customers happy.  Even the witching hour on New Year our delivery persons are working to ensure your deliveries are on time.

Why order at Cakeszone?

Only a foodie can appreciate the difference between a custom made cake filled with quality ingredients and the average store bought assembly line cakes. The freshest and most natural of ingredients go into the baking and decorating our cakes. This is the first step in creating a new and fresh style of cakes that are light on the palette and good for health.  A partiality towards Bio products and natural taste enhancers and flavours make sure that you get the best of ingredients, and hence taste. Store bought cakes will have a host of artificial colours and flavouring which can be bad for health. Cakeszone moves away from the stereotype by bringing to you personalized taste and design options.

The health conscious netizen has a vast need for customization. The health and fitness aware generation has a requirement for customized cakes. We have a range of gluten free and egg free cakes to suit all medical and taste preferences. The allergies and intolerances can now be put aside to enjoy cakes with the gang!

The service quality right from the time of order to delivery is personalized to suit your individual requirements. The online store will delight you with a huge variety of cakes to suit every need. There are products designed for the vegetarians, vegans and people with food intolerances. Just order in and call our customer care to customize your choice as per your need for New year celebrations.

The design of the cakes on offer is beautifully crafted and tasteful. The creativity of design makes our cakes stand out in the crowd of mass manufactured cakes in both looks and taste. You have the freedom t choose from not a only a variety of designs and flavours but also a variety of sizes to suit the size of the party. An intimate evening for two, or a party for 200, all can be ably handled by our support team.

How cakes are boxed for delivery?                

How many times have you received a cake all squashed up during delivery and flowers droopy from being handled roughly? We, at Cakeszone understand that your cake should arrive at your destination in a pristine condition and in a tasteful box.

Our team understands your need and has worked hard to get you a sturdy and robust box that is easily carried without squashing the cake. The inside of the box is also laminated to make sure that the cake reaches you safe and sound.  The classy box is merely a harbinger of the classy cake it contains and speaks well for the good taste of the host.

Ordering a cake in the Cakeszone online store

A host of flavours are available in our online store, in a variety of sizes. You will be spoilt for choice amongst our classic and ever green flavours like Black forest, chocolate truffle, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, Mixed fruit, litchi, orange, coffee, mango raspberry and so many more. Ample of nuts and raisins in fruit and plum cakes enhance the taste and looks of our custom natural cakes.

All you need to do is choose a cake, decide the flavour and size and add a personalized message and flowers of your choice (optional). Move to checkout and pay online for a seamless experience. Add a message for your loved one or flowers and party tools for your friends all from Cakeszone.  Our customer care executives are always available from the point of order till delivery is done to assist you in any way.

Delivery Locations and timings

Cakeszone is currently headquartered at Bangalore and operates in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Foodies in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune are set to soon taste the delicacies on offer in their cities. Tier two cities are also on the anvil.

The delivery timings are round the clock and are divided into slots. On usage based research Cakeszone has identified a range of delivery slots that are made available to its discerning clients. We undertake to deliver freshly baked cakes and sparkling fresh flowers in Standard or free delivery, On Time, Early morning, and midnight slabs to make maximum impact.

There are additional slabs which are operational at the festive season to serve you better.  Midnight delivery is available on the 31st December midnight from 10pm-1am and 1am-3am slots. Usher in the New year with style by availing the morning delivery on January 1st from morning 7AM-midnight with pre-determined slots from 7AM - 10AM, 10AM -2PM, 2PM-6PM, 6PM-10PM, 10PM-midnight.

Cake will be delivered as per your order within the time slot chosen by you. We cannot promise on time delivery at exact timing due to very heavy demand. But, none the less, the slot timings are sacrosanct. The taste, look and service quality will blow you away.

Do try our cakes and flowers to get a taste of luxury and gift your loved ones a taste too! We promise you well crafted, healthy cakes that suit the occasion and set the tone nad mood of your New Year party. Say Hello to good taste (literally and figuratively) and healthy living with Cakeszone! . Just click and order your favourite flavour for the New Year, and don’t miss tasting the new ones that are added so frequently.