Plain Chocolate
Plain Chocolate

Plain Chocolate

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Do you know what's one of the world's most consumed product??clueless huh??I advise you to rest your brain cells cos it's nothing but our very own chocolate,manufactured in almost every flavour known to mankind chocolate has the most variants.You think you know everything about chocolate?? just because you love chocolate a bit more than everyone else doesnt mean you know it,it is lot more than what it looks like.The finest cocoa beans brought and refined,grounded and when mixed with high quality ingredients brings out the exotic chocolate flavour you swear by.At cakeszone we know and value what chocolate is to everyone,what quality our customers expect us to deliver and kid you not when we say "we care".As a chocolate freak myself I like my chocolate cake dense,and the aroma that reminds me of home,the heavy aroma of a freshly baked home made cake made not only out of flour,baking powder and butter but lots of uncorrupt love too,the aroma that fills not only the senses and nostrils but every inch of space around it,isnt it the best flavour ever??

An aroma that comes with an assurance of homemade quality made with love,not manufactured by machines but prepared by our skilled dessert chefs always ready to deliver magnificence.Cakeszone's plain chocolate cake is our answer to your late night hunger pangs,as a romantic gesture of love,a well deserved sorry treat,as quick birthday surprise for those who like their chocolate simple,as an accompaniment to that fun evening coffee with friends,just name it and our plain chocolate cake is your answer to it.Our plain chocolate cake is a variation of Willy wonka's scrumdiddlyumptious chocolate(thats some density) and we bet just the taste will take you back to the lala land that charlie's chocolate factory was.The soft smooth molten whipped chocolate layered on our precisely baked chocolate cake talks about the effort put in while bringing up a cake that is simply elegant yet dense.Our plain chocolate cake is simple as it can be but dont let it dissuade into believeing it's just simple chocolate ,it's chocolate blended into its finest version that not only enriches the taste also brings a certain texture to the icing making it delectable. I bet our cakeszone's exotic sinful package of a cake promises you the plates licked well.

If our handmade cakes's aroma has already reached your nostrils and sight of it has started playing with your senses.We suggest that you delay not cos with a cake like ours you dint need a reason to celebrate cos we believe life itself is a celebration on its own and click on our "buy now" button once you are done deciding if it's going to be the healtheir wheat option or your love for eggs is going to win on this one.Once you have decided your options you can fill in your address details for our cake representative to zoom in at your place holding our cake(that is to vanish in mouths errr thin air in seconds).Bring it on cos we know once you have had our plain chocolate cake your expectations are going to be higher every time and we are always there to deliver you better than the best.

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