Tempting Chocolate
Tempting Chocolate

Tempting Chocolate

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What tempts you the most??the aroma of a freshly baked cake,sweet overwhelming smell of freshly whipped cream or dark sinful chocolate melting in the mouth??you must be thinking why does it matter to me,the thing is I was just asking for you to add a new temptation to your list and that is our Tempting chocolate cake,tempted already huh?? Isnt it understandable enough that a cake made out of chocolate,layered with chocolate is bound to tempt?? At cakeszone we understand the mystic,sensuous power of chocolate and felt like exploring the dark,deep,dense world of it and thats how our tempting chocolate cake came into being.Do you sometimes wonder if not for James baker how you would have had tasted this sinful treat??no,cos you only think about yourself!! Jokes apart our chocolate cake is not just any chocolate cake,prepared with fresh cocoa powder and freshly whipped chocolate heated to the right temprature our cake is a delight to look at.What's amazing is the presentation of it,fresh cream mixed with cocoa powder is used to create designs on the top middle portion while fresh white cream flowers put at the sides of it contradicts yet compliment the cake,chocolate shavings on the fresh cream flowers makes it a sight worth looking at.

Though it may sound snobbish to some of you but our cakes be it the preparation or the garnishing arent a noobs cups of tea.Our ever enthusiastic skilled dessert chefs having expertise in baking the marvellous wonders work hard to put up with the quality standards we maintain at our kitchen cos for delivering the best you will have to be the best.Our handmade cakes are unique for there quality standards and the taste of our love we add to them.

A chocolate cake is one of the sweetest gesture to tell someone you love them,for kids what is a birthday if theres no chocolate cake to top it all,anniversaries,gossip sessions with endless coffee with friends are incomplete if there is no chocolate cake accompanying it but having said all,I still believe our tempting chocolate cake is a reason enough to celebrate,so let there be an occasion or not ,order our cake for it is too tempting to delay and what day could be better than today??let's make you familiar with the procedure of ordering our cake,Just go to the adding wheat option if you are looking for a healthier option,or add eggs to the cake for the extra fluff or just because your mother always made it that way(that too just for some extra bucks) decide the size of it according to your requirements the best part of it is that it is as pocket friendly as one could be,now go the "buy now" option on the screen and click on it,the next step is to fill in your address details for us to deliver your cake and the smiles at the right door.So,what are you waiting for?? The cake is waiting and so are we!!

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