Vanilla  Roses
Vanilla Roses

Vanilla Roses

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While most people take vanilla as the plain flavour for it is used as the basic flavour in most icecreams,it is of the most exotic flavour cos being one of the most liked flavour it when mixed enhances other flavours as well.There's a certain mystic history related to vanilla,according to mythology of a tribe that first found vanilla princess xanata was captured and beheaded for eloping with her lover who was disliked by her father the king.The forest area where her blood touched the ground vanilla pod came into being,eerie isn't it??Even being the second most expensive spice after saffron, vanilla is still common to common people.We at cakeszone know how to bring out a flavour in our cakes beautifully ,for that matter our vanilla roses cake is doing complete justice to it,freshly whipped snowey cream mixed with right amount of vanilla essence to keep the flavour intact and yet not overwhelmingly superior,beautifully decorated with red and green roses exquisitely designed on the top of the white cream laden cake our vanilla roses cake is a must try.

The tendency of vanilla's aroma is to take over all the other smells,it's takes over the senses and maybe thats what makes it one of the most essential ingredient in bakeries worldwide.Madagascar vanilla which we use here is the essence of our cake,the flavour that not only binds the cake together it also maintains the freshness of the taste of the cake for.When mixed with the other essential ingredients of the cake like flour,butter and baking powder,baking soda etc the precise amount of vanilla can enhance the flavour and when wrong it can also ruin the whole cake.Our vanilla roses cake is a unique initiative of bringing up a cake that is moist,and tender and has the smooth creamy texture of silken smooth vanilla cream that melts in the mouth and the beautifully carved roses of vanilla cream takes the tempt quotient of this cake to another level.

So next time you feel like entertaining your guests with a dessert that not only defines class but also stands tall for being everyone's favourite,our vanilla roses cake is there to make you the next start of the evenings.Be it a birthday party or high tea our cake designed to compliment occassions as well as moments is a great accompaniment.

I know you liked it to the core and is wondering whats the next reason to celebrate so you can order our vanilla roses cake and make the moment even more memorable.For we value customers we have worked hard to make ordering our cakes a piece of cake.Just decide if it's going be the wheat option for the base(for whom health comes first) or if you want to add egg to the cake to make it even more fluffier and all this just for some extra bucks.Once decided click on the "buy now"option on the screen,fill in your address details and with the blink of an eye our cake representative will be at your door holding fresh package of happiness prepared just for you.

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Vanilla Roses is available for delivery in all areas of Bangalore which includes around 80+ localities.

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  • Flavour(s): Vanilla
  • Sizes (in Kg): 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Categories: Regular Cakes, Birthday Cakes
  • Price Range: from  429.00  to  429.00


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